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How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers have become one of the most widely used skincare products for regaining your radiant complexion. With the use of a tinted moisturizer, your skin gets that hydrating effect but also with a hint of that perfect color. This makes it a great alternative to traditional makeup foundation.ย ย 

Well, nobody can just apply the tinted moisturizer just like that even if you are a seasoned person at doing makeup. You need to know the right way to apply it to keep your skin fresh and have that younger complexion. Today, we will be telling you all about how to apply tinted moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer: Why Choose It Over A Foundation?

Dry Skin Moisturizer

Your average foundation, with its powder texture, just offers a base for makeup application. While a good foundation can help keep excess oil production in check, it wonโ€™t give it that hydrating effect. In that regard, tinted moisturizer functions dually. Here is why you should always have it on the go.

  • A tinted moisturizer’s formulation, unlike a normal foundation, offers skin hydration with medium face coverage. This will provide an even skin tone for makeup without feeling the heaviness of a foundation base.
  • Most of these moisturizers have SPF in them, which is a great way to fight off the UV rays making it ideal for daily use.
  • Tinted moisturizer is a blend of makeup and skincare products, which makes it a one-in-a-kind product. You will be able to save your time in the morning by doing both skincare and makeup prep.
  • These moisturizers give your skin a natural finish and brighten it. For a no-makeup makeup look, there is yet to come a better product than this one.

How To Select Your Perfect Tinted Moisturizer

Lacura Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer

Benefits aside, you first need to have that perfect tinted moisturizer to achieve those results. When choosing a tinted moisturizer, there are quite a few factors you need to keep in mind.

Your Skin Type

For dry skin, tinted moisturizer with aloe vera, glycerine, and Hyaluronic acid works best. For oily skin, you need to use an “oil-free” formula with clay or silica for shine control. Fragrance-free products work best for sensitive skin types.

Should Provide Sunscreen Effect

Your tinted moisturizer should have a high level of SPF protection, especially if you spend lots of time outdoors during the day. It should provide an adequate level of protection against UV rays.

Finishing Matters

Whether you are looking for a matte finish or a dewy one, you need to decide before making the purchase. Dewy finish moisturizer works best on dry skin while oil matte finish will control oil production.

7 Steps On How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Apply Tinted Moisturizer

With the right tinted moisturizer selected, now you need to know how to apply it properly. Follow these 7 steps to achieve that hydrating effect with a shade.

Step 1: Skin Prepping

Like any skincare routine, first do a little bit of facial cleansing with a product that works best for your skin type. Thoroughly do the cleansing to remove any dirt, debris, oil, or other impurities. If you use a serum or a toner, apply it as well.

Step 2: Moisturize Before You Moisturize

Tinted moisturizer provides that necessary hydrating effect but you should also use your regular moisturizer as well. Doing so will make your skin sufficiently hydrated. This will also create an even base to apply tinted moisturizer better.

Step 3: Use A Primer

This is an optional step but if you have large pores, uneven skin texture or fine lines, you should apply a primer. By using a primer, you will create an even skin surface which will allow you to apply tinted moisturizer far more better.

Step 4: Time For Tinted Moisturizer Application

There are lots of ways you can apply a tinted moisturizer. The ones that work best are as follows.

  • Use Your Fingers: this is the most straightforward method, which involves warming a small amount between your fingers. Now apply small dots of it on your chin, cheeks, nose, & forehead. With patting and sweeping, apply it for an even coverage.
  • Using A Sponge: If you want a more natural finish make use of a beauty sponge. First, apply the tinted moisturizer dots on your face. Use this damp sponge to blend the product. The dampness allows for better diffusion of the cream for a smooth look.
  • Use A brush: if you want that polished look, a foundation brush is ideal for that. Dot the face with the product, and blend it with the brush in circular motions. This offers more coverage than the use of fingers and a sponge.

Step 5: Get More Coverage

Everyone has their own skin issues and they may need more coverage for some facial areas. If you have those issues, you can add the additional tinted layer. Be sure to apply this additional layer on uneven skin tone regions with redness and blemishes. Use fingers or a damp sponge to build the coverage or else it will cake.

Step 6: Time To Put On Makeup

For those with oily skin types or those who want a long-lasting makeup look, they can dust their face with translucent powder. This will allow the tinted moisturizer to set in better. Your focus should be on the T-Zone, which suffers from excess oil production.

Step 7: Get That Finished Look

Complete your makeup routine with all your favorite makeup products. Improve that martial facial glow with a highlighter, blush, or a touch of bronzer. Swipe a little bit of mascara and add a bit of gloss for a fresh look.

Our Final Thoughts

Without a doubt and highly recommended by skin care specialists, tinted moisturizer is far better than an ordinary foundation. Its versatile hydration effect offers your skin that radiant natural-looking complexion. Choosing the right product is the first thing and following the right steps for application comes second. Whether you are having a casual day out or having a workday morning routine, the use of tinted moisturizers will make your skin glow.

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