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Signs of a Damaged Skin Barrier You Shouldn’t Ignore

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the human body? Well, it is, and it is also the organ that protects your body from all the elements of the environment. In scientific terms, this skin shield is called โ€˜โ€™Stratum Corneumโ€™โ€™. To have great skin is important to maintain overall good health. This outer layer of the body offers protection against environmental elements, keeps the hydration levels in check, and empowers the overall skin health.ย 

In the worst-case scenario, if this skin is compromised, it can lead to lots of problems. Some of the issues can impact your health significantly. So what are these signs of a damaged skin barrier you shouldnโ€™t ignore? Well, we have the answer in this detailed blog. So stay with us.

10 Signs Of A Damaged Skin Barrier You Shouldnโ€™t Ignore

There are many signs of compromised skin, the most prominent ones being dryness or skin sensitivity. To better assist you in this issue, we have listed 10 major signs of a damaged skin barrier you shouldnโ€™t ignore. Remember, skin type differs from person to person, and our guide is only to look for the most possible causes.

Your Skin gets Dry & Dehydrated

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

The foremost of the damaged skin barrier is that your skin suddenly feels dry and dehydrated. A good skin barrier prevents any unwanted water loss and keeps your skin supple and hydrated. With a damaged skin barrier, this natural function also gets compromised which leads to moisture loss and ultimately flaky skin. So, if you notice that your skin is suddenly feeling very tight or parched, this could be a warning sign.

Your Skin Feels Itchy

Itchy Skincare

Itchy skin is a common occurrence in the case of dry skin which is also an indicator of a damaged skin barrier. When the skin is compromised, its many layers also come into contact with harmful environmental allergens and elements. This increases the itching sensation. Itchiness leads to scratching which worsens the condition even more. This vicious cycle causes severe irritation and skin inflammation.

You Experience More Skin Breakouts

Oily Skin Care

Acne breakout is often thought to be caused due to oily skin. However, with a damaged skin barrier, the natural balance of the skin becomes dysfunctional and leads to increased sebum production. These excessive oils then clog up those facial pores and cause acne. Furthermore, damaged skin allows the acne-causing bacteria to seep into the deeper parts of your skin to cause breakouts.

Your Skin Becomes Highly Sensitive

Highly Sensitive Skin

Your healthy skin forms a shield that protects it from all the allergens and irritants floating in the air. When damaged, the very same skin gets affected by these external triggers in the worst possible way like increased skin sensitivity. The common problems in such cases include burning sensation, redness, and sharp stinging sensations. All these issues in case of increased sensitivity occur when it comes into contact with certain fabrics or skincare products.

Your Wounds Take More Time To Heal

Having healthy skin plays a great role in healing wounds. Your skin forms a barrier that prevents the infections from setting in the case of injury. It also improves the regeneration of your new skin cells. The natural ability of the skin to heal itself gets impaired in the event of a damaged skin barrier. This causes delays in healing wounds and an increase in contracting skin infections.

Any Existing Skin Conditions Start To Flare Up

Barrier Skincare

Do you suffer from existing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis? Your damaged skin can cause these conditions to worsen or flare up frequently. The broken skin barrier will cause the body to lose more moisture than usual with environmental triggers worsening your sin conditions. So, if you start to experience any flare-up in the severity of your existing skin conditions, this could be an underlying sign of a damaged skin barrier.

Your Skin Becomes Inflamed And Redness Occurs

Redness Face Care

One of the leading signs of compromised skin is skin inflammation. This can occur by an injury, disease, or irritation. When your skin barrier is damaged, pollutants from the air tend to enter easily within your skin. This unnatural penetration causes the body to trigger an inflammatory response which causes swelling and redness in the form of small bumps.ย 

These small bumps can often be pus-filled. Increased skin inflammation makes your skin look weird. The worst thing that inflamed skin can cause includes worsening existing conditions like rosacea, eczema, or acne.

You Suffer From Increased TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss)

Transepidermal Water Loss

TEWL is the bodyโ€™s natural function, which is the rate by which water evaporates from your outer skin layer. A common example of it is sweating which keeps the bodyโ€™s temperature cool during the summer. a well-balanced TWEL is healthy but with a damaged skin barrier, this same function also gets disrupted. This can cause more water loss via the skin and cause your complexion to become dull.

Your Skin Reacts To UV Light Adversely

UV Light Adversely

A healthy skin barrier keeps the environmental triggers at bay and offers natural protection against the sunโ€™s harmful UV radiations. With compromised skin, you become more susceptible to these UV rays leading to issues like sunburns, redness, and increased discomfort following sun exposure.

Your Skinโ€™s Texture Starts To Change

Skin Texture

If your skin is smooth and has an even texture, this is a sign of a healthy skin barrier. However, when damaged, the very same skin starts showing signs like an uneven texture, red & rough patches, and a noticeable decrease in skin elasticity. All these changes can affect the overall feel and appearance of the skin. Most of the time, this issue occurs due to having an irregular lifestyle and not using any proper skincare routine.

Final Say

As explained above, the signs of a damaged skin barrier that you shouldnโ€™t ignore can occur in various ways. You need to keep note of these warning signs early on so you can take a proactive approach to treating this damaged skin barrier. Healthy skin equals a strong skin barrier. Your body tries to tell you what it needs, so give it what it deserves.

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