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The Benefits of Using an Oil-Based Cleanser

Maintaining a healthy skincare routine is necessary for not only facial beauty but also maintaining good health. Skincare starts with facial cleansing and to find the perfect one is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are quite a few types of facial cleansers out there but there is one that offers the best facial cleansing solution. Yes, we are talking about the oil-based cleanser. This cleanser offers some great benefits to the userโ€™s skin. So, today’s post will be about the benefits of using an oil-based cleanser and how your skin can benefit from them.

Oil-Based Cleanser โ€“ Game Changer For Facial Cleansers

An oil-based cleanser has oils in it to clean it and make it clear. There are varieties of oils that are used for them. Some common ones include sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, mineral oils, and argan. Any oil-based cleanser has the formulation of harsh surfactants. It uses its own oils to dissolve oil produced by skin, makeup, and other facial impurities. Now you know what oil-based cleanser is and how it works, so, letโ€™s get straight to the benefits of it.

Top Benefits Of Using An Oil Based Cleanser

If we start listing the benefits of using an oil-based cleanser, the list will go on indefinitely. Still, we have listed the top few to make you consider this cleanser type for your facial cleansing routine.

You Get A Gentle Cleansing Experience

Oil Gentle Cleanser

Among its notable benefits, using an oil-based cleanser is very soothing for any skin type. Most cleansers tend to have powerful chemicals in them. These chemicals strip away the natural oils of the skin, which results in itching, dryness, and irritation. This cleanser type dissolves the impurities within the pores without harming that natural oil layer.

Helps Balance The Sebum Production

Oily Skin Serum

For those suffering from oily skin type, this might seem a little ironic but oil cleanser actually regulates the skinโ€™s natural oil production. After you wash your face with water in the morning, your face might get dry, using an oil cleanser actually helps in the production of natural skin oils but in a balanced manner. This will keep the oil production in check to prevent skin breakouts.

Your Skin Will Be Hydrated & Nourished

Hydrated & Nourished Cleanser

Most cleansers out there cause the skin to feel dry and tight. However, using these oil-based cleansers is contrary to this, it offers a hydrating effect for your skin. The oils found in these cleansers keep your skin nourished with necessary vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. With constant use, your skin will get supple and feel smooth.

Oil Based Cleanser Are For Every Skin Type

Face Cleansing Oil

If you suffer from dry skin or have a combination skin type or even oily skin, this cleanser works well. For your dry skin, it offers that much-needed hydrating effect with the necessary nourishment to prevent irritation. For combination skin types, they keep the oil production well-balanced and prevent pores from clogging. Its gentle formulation is ideal for sensitive skin types as it soothes inflammation.

Helps Perform Deep Cleanse

Deep Cleansing Oil

Oil based cleansers tend to make use of their oil formulation to seep within the facial pores. They will then dissolve any dirt & debris from within these clogged pores to provide efficient cleansing. With your pores unclogging, you will experience lesser & lesser acne and blackhead breakouts. Soon, you will feel your skin getting clearer and much younger.

Works Even Well With Water-based Cleansers

Water-based Oil Cleansers

An oil cleanser, as you know by now offers great benefits for your skincare routine. You can remove even stubborn makeup products like waterproof mascara or a long-wearing foundation with ease as a first step of Double Facial Cleanse. After using the oil-based cleanser, perform another one with a water-based cleanser to remove any trace of makeup completely. This double regime will make your skin squeaky clean.

Your Skinโ€™s Natural Glow Improves

Natural Oil Cleanser

Consistency is the key for any facial skincare routine and the same is the case with oil cleansers. Keep a regular routine of using oil-based cleansers to see visible effects on your skin. Its deep cleansing and pore-clearing effect will minimize those persistent skin blemishes and skin texture will improve. The hydrating benefit will give your skin a youthful complexion in just a few weeks.

How To Use Oil-Based Cleanser For Effective Results?

You can easily choose one of the gentle formulation oil-based cleansers and add it to your skincare routine. Follow these steps for an effective result.

  • Start by taking the cleanser solution in your hands. Make sure they are clean and dry. Now massage your face with the solution and focus on parts where there are lots of impurities.
  • Apply the cleanser in a massage-like way; using gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motions. This massaging helps the cleanser to seep well into the pores and also promotes blood flow to the face.
  • Make an emulsion of the oil cleanser and lukewarm water in your hands and continue the massage. This oil-water emulsion should be milky in consistency for a better impurity-lifting effect.
  • Use only lukewarm water to rinse the skin thoroughly for complete removal of facial impurities.
  • This is optional but works extremely well; using a water-based cleanser afterward. This double cleansing action ensures the removal of all dirt & debris from your skin.

Whenever you plan to buy an oil based cleanser, you need to factor in your skin type and how it responds to certain ingredients in them. Always choose an oil cleanser with natural oils in it & refrain from ones that have alcohol or fragrance in them. Make an informed choice in selecting the right oil cleanser by reading reviews & feedback from others.

Our Final Say

Oil based cleansers certainly have lots of benefits for all skin types. Their gentle formulation, skin hydrating effect, and skin nourishment are just a few of their key benefits. Test out different oil based cleansers, check their validity, and embrace them into your skincare routine. Consistency is the key to getting a radiant skin complexion.

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