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10 Reasons Why You Should Add an Oil Cleanser to Your Routine

Hearing the words oil cleanser and skincare routine side by side sounds a bit ironic. It must be more puzzling for those suffering from oily skin problems. But hear us out before you scroll on to some other generic web guide. Oil cleansers have been making waves in the skincare markets. The reason is simple: They offer better treatment for various skin types. So, today, we will be telling you about 10 reasons why you should add an oil cleanser to your routine.

10 Reasons To Add Oil Cleanser In Your Skincare Routine

Below are some of the most common reasons that any skin type can effectively counter by using an oil cleanser. So, without further wait, have a good read.

Helps in Removing Makeup

Makeup Remover

One of the best features or call it a super ability if you must, of oil cleansers is how well it removes makeup. Oil cleansers are known for breaking down that pesky makeup from your skin.ย 

Be it waterproof mascara, highly pigmented lipstick, or a strong foundation base, all will be removed in just minutes. The oil is the cleanser that will bind itself to the impurities and makeup on the skin by dissolving it. This leads to its easy removal without scrubbing hard.

Your Personal Deep Cleansing Solution

Deep Cleansing

Oil cleansers attach themselves to the excess sebum of the skin along with all the impurities. When you perform a facial massage with an oil cleanser, it gets mixed with the already present oil on your skin and strips any dirt. This type of skincare is highly effective as it reaches deep within the skinโ€™s pores to clear any whiteheads or blackheads.

It keeps the Natural Oil Balance In Place

Foam Cleanser

Using cleansers such as foam cleansers or gel cleansers can remove the natural oils from the skin. This can lead to an excess amount of sebum production. This overproduction of sebum is vicious as it leads to excessive oily skin and acne breakouts.ย 

Oil cleansers are not affected by this as they work well with your skinโ€™s natural oils. They cleanse your skin without disrupting its balance and help it remain hydrated for a longer period of time.

Your Skin Remains Hydrated

Oil on Face

Oil cleansers are known for having a unique blend of different oils that not only offer a deep cleansing but offer a hydrating and nourishing effect to it. Common types of oils found in oil cleansers include

  • Argan oil
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Jojoba oil

All of these oils are antioxidant enriched which improves the overall condition of your skin. These oils are also a good source of healthy fatty acids that protect the skin by forming a barrier against moisture loss. This indirectly keeps the skin maintaining a youthful look.

Ideal For Sensitive Skin Types

Sensitive Skin

If you are somebody who is battling with sensitive skin, you must already be aware of how troublesome it is to find the right skin cleanser. Oil cleanser can be the perfect skincare product as it is usually free from any detergents or harsh chemicals. It has natural nourishing properties that offer a soothing and calming effect by reducing any inflammation & redness. So if you have any of these skin issues, oil cleansers are for you.

  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Irritated or itching skin

Keeps Most Skin Breakout At Bay

Oil and Acne Prone Skin

For acne-prone skin, oil cleansers might seem not only ineffective but even harmful but you could not be more wrong. There are lots of quality oil cleansers made especially to battle against acne breakouts. These cleansers have in them the following ingredients.

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Squalane

All these ingredients are known for their natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. When you use such oil cleansers, it kills the acne-causing germs and bacteria while offering a calming effect to the skin.

Improves Absorption Of Other Skincare Products

Skin Care Products

Oil cleanser not only works as a cleanser but also improves the absorption of other skincare products. When a ski is free from all impurities after deep cleansing, it becomes open to other active ingredients. Deep cleansing via oil cleansers allows your skin to absorb moisturizers and serums more effectively, ensuring the best effect from your usual skincare products.

You Can Use It For All Skin Types

Face Serum

The best thing about an oil cleanser is its versatility to be effective for any skin type. If you have dry, oily or even sensitive skin, these cleansers can offer the best effect.

  • For your dry skin, use a cleaner with ingredients like almond oil or avocado oil.
  • For acne-prone skin, your oil cleanser should have lighter oils such as grapeseed oil or jojoba oil.
  • This versatility makes it the best reason why you should add oil cleanser to your routine.

Feel Relaxation In Your Daily Skincare Routine

Skin Preparation

By adding a quality oil cleanser to your skincare routine, your daily routine will become more relaxing. The massage of the oil cleanser feels soothing and somewhat therapeutic. It helps to relieve all the tension and mental stress.

You Can Use It As A Primer

Primer Oil Cleanser

Oil cleanser is not just to clear the skin away from dirt, debris or makeup impurities. It can also be the first step of your makeup routine. Clean your skin effectively with the oil cleanser, it will form a canvas or call it a base for the new makeup application. Makeup applied on deeply cleansed skin looks more natural with a subtle healthy glow to it.


When you add an oil cleanser to your regular skincare routine, you will start to see the benefits in a very short amount of time. from deep cleansing effects to rejuvenated glowing skin, and improved absorption of other skin care products are a few of the many. It works well with all skin types and can keep breakouts at bay while keeping the skin radiant. Be sure to give oil cleansers a try after this and you might be surprised by the effect of it.ย 

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